18 Dec 2012

Social Messege :Birds Die From Eating Gum

Circulating message claims that birds can die after eating gum thrown on the ground because it fouls their systems and prevents them from eating or drinking. The message includes a photograph depicting a small dead bird with another bird looking on.

So please Share this Message to Everyone if you care for those little birds !!!

13 Dec 2012

how to be green

How to be green your office
Green Your Office Now To save the Earth
Project on Environment
Greening the office does not mean spending a lot of money or eliminating creature comforts in the name of sustainable living. In fact, many green choices can save the company money instead of being a fiscal drain. For the most part, greening the office requires conscious choices, choosing reusable over disposable, and conservation over immediate convenience. Given how much time people spend at work, greening the office is a logical extension of people wanting to find eco-friendly solutions elsewhere in their lives.

Items you will need:

  1. Eco-friendly coffee
  2. Mugs
  3. Recycling bins
  4. Green cleaning products

5 Dec 2012

Practical Ways to Help the Environment

21 Practical Ways to Help the Environment

Concerned about the environment but feeling overwhelmed by all the issues out there? Feeling discouraged about how you as an individual can really make a difference? Not to worry. Here, we’ve compiled a short list of easy and practical ways that you can help the environment.
The great thing about these tips is that in most cases you really won’t have to change your lifestyle radically to have an impact on the environment. One thing we do encourage is more reliance on human power in your daily life. We hope that some of these tips will help us move one person at a time towards a society that is more responsible and less reliant on convenience.

6 Nov 2012

How to Easily Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

How to Easily Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products (via Green Living Ideas)

Next time you go to scrub down your garage door, don’t use chemical filled cleaning supplies. Instead, try using cleaning supply recipes made up from ingredients you have lying around the house. Below we will discuss basic household items which can be used as disinfectant cleaners. Enjoy these easily…

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